Monday, January 14, 2008

Wow! An update

You don't have to tell me how long it has been since I blogged. I have enough people tell me how long it has been (Cato!). I was fortunate to be able to attend Saltare which is Meridies' all dance event that is held annually. Shared a cabin with a lovely group of dancers as well as my friend Greet. We agreed that we had adequate cheese, but not enough wine (will have to fix that next year!)

Saturday was dance dance dance. I took the classes on the Gracca Amoroso, the Catrapasso and the Whirligig in the morning. Our "team" of 6 for the Whirligig was a whole lot of fun and we agreed to meet back up at the ball to dance the Whirligig together. I missed the first couple sets of classes in the afternoon as we got too busy after lunch chatting, so it would have been nice to have caught the Central Asian dance class or the ECD for four couples class. I did get to mixed Bransle which was presented very nicely by Lady Alasais Bandeli. I liked how she built on the dances progressing the difficulty. I got to step in for the last 15 minutes of Kuchean dance class and then stayed for the Geudra class taught by MIstress Maysun al-Rasheeqa. Very enjoyable class.

After a potluck dinner consisting of stone soup, split pea soup, breads, (more) cheeses, spiced pecans, veggies, hummus, and sugar cookies. It was quite festive and a lovely dancer from Calontir and her husband joined us for our meal. After doing dishes and redressing we all headed over to ball where they held a very fun auction. We did a bunch more dancing and then Greet and I headed over to the hafla for a few minutes to say hello to a few people before heading off to an early bed as we were heading out early the next morning.

Sunday we went to Duchess Caroline and Master Allen's annual Christmas party (ok, so it was a bit delayed). Had an enjoyable mid-day chatting with various Laurels and their apprentices on a wide variety of subjects including outfitting the next crown to permaculture. I also got to sit and chat with Mistress Amicia about heraldic things which is always a pleasure. We had a leisurely drive back home. Of course this meant that Greet and I were in the car for many hours which gave us time to plot think about upcoming events for Phoenix Glade.

This weekend has confirmed that I really need a set of Middle Eastern garb. We have so many ME events down here so I've been doing a bit of research into that. It all seems fairly simple to make and fabrics seem also fairly easy to find. This should be a fun little project.


Greet said...

Hey, do you still have the handout on the Guedra? I must have left mine behind - EXHAUSTED.

Mel. said...

I never remember there being a handout. I never had one. :( Maybe she will post one in the files section of the Saltare list.

Dan said...

Any updates in the works????