Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cool Movie!

I've just finished watching the HBO mini-series Elizabeth (available on DVD) and found it very true to the facts that I remember reading about her life. And the costumes are OMG gorgeous. We paused the movie so many times to take a look at something. I kept thinking all through watching it, "I wonder how they made that collar so stiff" or "Look at that dainty lace on the cuff" or "Oh, I could make that hat!" And I don't even do Elizabethan!! It was sucha beautiful movie from a costuming perspective and the acting wasn't too bad either (Does Jeremy Irons die in every movie he does?)

Another movie that I think is great is The Advocate which is about a solicitor that goes to the country and ends up defending a pig who is on trial for murder. Again, great costuming (although a bit earlier than Elizabeth and not so refined) and the plot is funny as well. Well worth watching.

That's all for now.

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