Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just another name rant

You can totally ignore this if you have read this rant before. Being a herald in the SCA has caused me to learn more about naming practices than I had ever thought possible (at least for me). When I was in my quest for that Perfect Name, I ran into someone who once asked me, "If you are playing this medieval game, why do you not wish to have a medieval name? What is your interest in the middle ages if you want something that is more fantasy constructed than medievally constructed?" Wow! That made a huge impact in my wanting not only a Perfect Name but a Perfect Medieval Name. It took me another 10 years to find that Perfect Medieval Name (not that all people should be so challenging to themselves!)

So here I am a herald in a medieval organization dealing with, well, as Cato says, Users. :) Users are those that want the program to work the way they think it should work without really knowing how it should work in the first place. They haven't read the "tech manual" let alone the operating instructions. RTFM (or in my case RTW(hole)FM). As part of the collective of heralds (not to be confused with the Borg Collective) we deal daily with people who not only haven't read the manual but don't even realize that a manual exists. I think I understand why Lainie says this is public service.


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