Thursday, May 10, 2007

Demos and ER's and Scribal

Oh my! Today I went to Gulf Breeze Elementary School to participate in a demo for their 3rd grade "Medieval Festival." This is an annual event that the do as part of their history unit studies. I talked about the scribal arts and got to "dub" the children as "knights." It was really cute seeing how some kids really took their oaths of chivalry seriously. One little boy with a Spanish name really loved how I dubbed him "Don" instead of "Sir"

The children were really interested in the writing styles and I think I'm in trouble with some of the teachers for mentioning things like non-standardized spellings and lack of differentiation between upper and lower case letters in many periods of the middle ages. Ooops. (evil grin) They were most impressed with Emily's scroll she is working on and that she is "only" 14. Makes a mom proud. I really enjoy doing the school demos the best. Kids always seem so interested and truly want to learn. They tend to ask very practical questions as well and love it when you talk about gross things like how they would use urine to make different dyes and paints.

While we were there Heather got a call that Joel had been taken to the hospital from work. Since I drove Heather, we got to run to the ER afterwards. Thankfully, it seems as though he just has some sort of vertigo and not something more serious like a stroke or heart attack. Whew!

Tonight is Sip and Scribe at Starbuck's. Not sure who all will show up, but I know I will be there and so will Lavena. I'm hoping to get at least one of my scrolls inked as I wasn't able to get anything done today with all the running around. C&I ROCKS!


Elmsley Rose said...

Hey :-) I replied to your comment in my blog, but you won't know it's there unless you go back and look, so I thought that I'd pop across here.....

"Thankyou so much :-)
I'm looking forward to getting this finished, and being able to work on pieces again! *grin*"

Thankyou so much for your comment. I've got about 70 hits in the last couple of days, but only 2 people have actually said anything!

Elmsley Rose said...

Thankyou again for such a lovely mail.
I'm sitting on my bed, typing on my computer atm. With my two catoids with me - one is lying on my foot. I've switched the electric blanket back on (it's winter here in Australia) to keep us all warm ....