Saturday, June 23, 2007

Friday Night Projects

Last night was another night at Lavena's Sweat Shop! We managed to get all the tokens for Daggers and Hemlock drilled for the cords to go through them. I keep meaning to take a picture of them to post. (Not that I can find my camera cord for the computer to upload them here!) And when I left at 11:30 Cody was still going strong with sanding the edges smooth. He was doing a great job! I spent most of the evening as people's helper. I was knitting on Lavena's double knit bag for a while and then got side tracked with other people's needs.

Gridded off one of those stained glass windows we are going to use as decoration. We are thinking about leaving them black and white (or more like black and light tan as that's the color of sheets we have) for now. Perhaps color them in later. One of the thoughts that Greet and I came up with was that these were the drawings that the stained glass artists used in their creations. They would take wood or pieced vellum or parchmnet or even fabric (but usually wood) and draw out the designs in full scale. These drawings would then be used to cut the individual pieces and lay them out. The windows were built on these and then transported once finished and secured to the churches. From what I have read there aren't many extant pieces of these kinds of drawings left.

I also ran sand paper patrol for Cody. I showed him how to "cut" the sandpaper without scissors. :) I guess hanging out in my dad's woodshop all those years has paid off in some form. I also drew the grids for the lightboxed "window" that Melissa drew. We have a lot of work ahead of us before the event. I still need to make "kitchen hats" for my kitchen. That's just a simple process of washing some muslin, cutting out circles and strips of fabric and sewing them together. This isn't rocket surgery, but I can't motivate myself to do it. I must not be close enough to my deadline yet. :)

July fourth we are having a big "shindig" and work party at Lavena's again so that we can get some of these projects knocked out. Hopefully I will remember the camera and find the cord.

On the scribal front, I sent off yet another package to TRM's full of scrolls. I've decided not to send them priority anymore. They were supposed to have arrived yesterday morning and they didn't arrive in time. I spent extra money to have them delivered a day early and they still didn't make it on time. I've got pictures, but still need to track down that cord! It's got to be around here somewhere.

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