Sunday, June 17, 2007

Two posts in one week!

And if I get around to taking pictures of the latest scrolls I've done for TRM Meridies then I might just make it two posts in one day! Woot.

Friday night was a lot of fun with finally getting the casting done on the event tokens for Daggers and Hemlock. They have a dagger on one side and a hemlock leaf on the other. Very nice. I think I would have prefered a one sided coin. We need to really work on making them thinner though. They are weighing in between a half and a full ounce each. We used over 2 pounds of pewter to make the 61 tokens. I sure hope that is enough. Our next thing to cast will be regalia for both Order of the Meridian Cross and Order of the Argent Comet. It should be pretty cool looking by the time we are done.

Cato is going to try to come home today. He's been over in Mobile working and staying in a hotel as they are moving into their new building and of course they can't take the whole company down and do the move in 4 or 5 days, so they are only able to take systems down at night so it is taking them 2 or 3 weeks. He's working easily 18 hour days! Poor guy. But it is Father's Day and I think he wants some clean laundry. (Sounds like a college student - come home, eat do laundry, get presents, go back to school.)

Emily got a hamster. Don't think I mentioned that yet. She's cute. Dark dark gray with big shiny black eyes and the cutest little ears! The cats are only mildly interested and Ki-Ki didn't even give it the time of day. What good is a rat if it is protected inside a plastic ball? Jack is terrified of her when she is in her ball because she feels invinsible and runs after the cats. I'm waiting for Prince Charming to start playing with her ball like his other balls and give her a good whack down the hall. Although we did learn that if she is starting to go down her tube not to accidentally drop the lid. I had to do a "frantic rodent extraction" on her after she managed to turn herself upside down and all freaked out. Then she peed on me. Serves me right for scaring her.

Oh, I got pulled over by the police the other night. Seems as though I forgot to renew my tag before my birthday (I took a moment to make sure my driver's license was still up to date - it was) and the light above my license plate is burned out. The lady was very nice and didn't give me a ticket, just advised me to take care of it. And fortunately it was a Santa Rosa cop and not a Gulf Breeze cop so I didn't have to worry about those flashing lights belonging to my brother! Now *that* would have been embarassing!

OK, off to the showers so I can go buy some sort of beast for Cato, finish the scrolls I need to do and get caught up on some laundry. Toodles!

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