Friday, September 14, 2007

Newest Works

These are some scrolls that I have made most recently. Oh and if you can't tell, I have a new scanner! Most of these are from bestiaries, most from the Aberdeen Bestiary. The cock is from a different bestiary, but of the same time period. I guess that was the style then, do bestiaries with boxed in pictures of animals with descriptions of them.

This is NOT a unicorn. It is called a Monocephalus. (one head with a phallus thing?)

This is from the other bestiary, the Meermanno Bestiary. I still like it. I have several others from this bestiary as well as an Icelandic bestiary that I want to do.

Back to the Aberdeen Bestiary.

You can't really tell in this one, but the white really isn't white, it is silver using Pearl Ex Powders and gum arabic. It looks much nicer in person. This one was done in the style of a 14th century Mongolian manuscript. The center actually had some sort of seal or emblem on it (half of it was obscured). This is very similar in style to Cato and my Goutte's from An Tir.

Yep Aberdeen. Uh, no it's actually Salisbury. This is for the Order of the Rising Swan. It's sort of the "teen award" which I felt very deserving of a pretty scroll. (And I know that my friend Jarrin recieved this which makes it really cool!)

The one thing that I have noticed about my work is that I am becoming braver with color and my hand is becoming much more consistant and the kerning is much better.

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