Thursday, September 27, 2007


I finally got the pictures of the buttons we are casting uploaded to the computer. They are so pretty and shiny!! They are made from pewter using a three -part mold. The design is a snowflake for Lord Gunnarr who is fighting for THL Lavena in Crown List in a few weeks. I'll post pics of the Meridian Cross medallion that we got cast last week. Project night is at my house this week as our normal hosts are out of town. So we've got the casting stuff here.

This is the completed button. Isn't it shiny? I put this picture in to show the size of the button. They will be used for sleeves and down the front of cotes.

This is the button again:

The back of the button showing the shank:

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Greet said...

JUST opened boxes...with a warping board, and new reed, and heddle hook...pity I've got to scramble to go out of town this weekend.