Monday, October 1, 2007

Friday Night Project Night and Wooden Shoes

Totally unrelated, of course. These are some pictures from our Friday project night this past week which was held at our house for a change. Lavena and Saxa were both out of town and, well, we just had to do something!

This is the stove top casting. Apparently the single burner that I had bought a while back just doesn't heat hot enough to melt the pewter. It makes a great stir fry, but is lacking in the casting department. Poor little inefficient burner.

A closer view. You can see the mold for the buttons here. We did have to make a run to Home Depot for more pewter. One pound wasn't deep enough for us to ladle and the pan is too awkward to use to pour. I think we ended up with three pounds before we could actually ladle it. Cato's ladle is a bit bigger than Lavena's and he tends to get a better pour.

This is Nicholas drinking some of the Chocolate Stout that we bought Cato, Nicholas and I declared it sweet and yummy. Melisande said it wasn't sweet enough and was too bitter. Nicholas always complains that he is always seen from the back drinking, so I decided to honor his front side as well.

Wooden shoes!!

These are the wooden shoes that my friend Greet found for me at a thrift store! They are SO pretty. She wore her pair all over the event she went to this weekend and I'm presuming they did her well as she didn't complain (or change shoes). I'm still thinking of wood burning daisies onto the heels.

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Greet said...

Greet is too well-bred to complain.

Seriously, they were fine (I even ran uphill twice) until about four. Then I had to ignore them. But then I stopped noticing as Things Were Happening.