Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some recent scrolls

I haven't had the time to upload any scrolls for a while between work, preparing for events and those three little things called children. Hate when life gets in the way of my fun! So without further ado here are the scrolls with my own self-criticism.

OK, worst for first. I'm not happy with this scroll and have decided I am going to add some gold work on it. I have seen two scans of this scroll online and one looks almost identical to this one and the other one I beleive was either "cleaned up" or taken before it was "cleaned up" and you can see faint gold and red flowers on the lighter green. I think I am going to go back and add those. This is for the Order of the Meridian Cross. I have made a personal commitment to making sure that this order (which I'm a companion of) has both regalia and original scrolls. C&I is, afterall, why I recieved this award.

I took this one from a book of accounts. There were actually more pillars, but I took it down to just two. This is one of those "mistake scrolls that worked out in the end." I wasn't paying attention to the wording when I started on the illumination and drew a Meridian Cross. Fortunately I was able to fix it by painting the egg for the correct badge for the Order of the Guiding Hand, which is what this award is for.

Winnifred says this is her favorite scroll of all I've ever done. She asked me if I would put a note on it for the king and queen to save it for when she is old enough to recieve her arms. What a kid. I told her by the time she is "of age" and if I have any control over it I will make sure that she has as nice of a scroll if not better.

This is for the Order of the Argent Comet. It is one of my more favorite scrolls. I love the simplicity and elegance of this scroll. (And the fact that there is no shading - which is the bane of my illuminatory existance.) This is where I am going to throw a little pitty party, so you can quit reading now or you can read and chastise (or empathise, your choice!) It truly SUCKS that we have NO active peers in the Panhandle of Florida, especially Laurels. I feel that I am at this "dulldrums" point in my abilities. I've studied the works, I've read all I can on period style but I have no one to SHOW me. I am such a visual learner and do SO much better when I have an instructor. I've thought about taking some "hobbyist" art classes to try to learn something about painting, but I'm not sure how well that will lend over into period painting styles. The last time I tried to take a mundane class to learn technique it didn't do very well. So I've decided to actively pursue a teacher. Any teacher. Heck, I don't even care if the person is a Peer if s/he can and is willing to teach me something. I'm going to be entering one of my scrolls (don't ask which yet, haven't decided) into Magna Faire in December hoping I can lure someone out from under what seems a rock. I don't know where all the C&I Laurels are in this kingdom, because I sure can't find them and it isn't like I've been sitting in a dark corner.

OK, that's enough ranting and raving and boo-hooing.

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