Monday, October 15, 2007

Crown List

This weekend was Lord Gunnar snaebjorn's first venture into Crown List and he fought for THL Lavena Knappe. While he wasn't victorious, we did have a grand time. Firstly, he was the lowest order of precedence to enter the field, which meant he was FIRST (saving the highest for last). He had a nice little Viking horde assembled with him, including a herald (that would be me), banner bearers and a few others. He and Lavena were dressed in matching blue and white.

Lady Lyonet had a small polar bear fleece (born in captivity and died of cancer, so no bear killing involved) that he wore as a head dress during the presentation. It went very well when I announced that he was "As fierce as the bear that dares inhabit the northern climates" He looks fierce, right?

This is the whole group and I think you can see everyone. It was truly fun to lead the day off and Gunnar was the only one that actually had a Herald who said something more than "This is Lord Stickjock fighting for Lady Garbidahl with these arms." I'm hoping to encourage more list participants by the other Heralds.

And if matching outfits and cultures, banners, heraldry, and cool gifties for the Crown wasn't enough Lavena had to go and create this lovely ladies' viewing pavillion with lots of yummy treats on the table (mostly cookies, which I think was my payment LOL!)

Gunnar made it through two rounds, but he learned a lot and had many knights come and talk to him about how well he did and give him some constructive criticism as well as pointing out the weak spots in the other fighters. Not bad for one's first Crown List.

I missed the Herald's Social, but we kept having problems with what time zone we were in. The site was just across the Al/Ga border and our phones were feeding off two competing cell towers. One would make our clocks reset to Central time and 10 minutes later they would get switched over to Eastern. Very frustrating. I did get a chance to talk to many of the Heralds in attendance, though. I spoke with Meistres Bronwen about Lambent position and we have a tentative date scheduled for me to take over at Magna Fair the first weekend in December. I'm hoping I don't need a trailer to get everything home. LOL!

Feast was fair. I've had better. I've definitely had worse. But no one at the table went hungry and there seemed to be enough for everyone to eat to be full. I wore my new sabots that Greet found for me to court and to feast. I know I shouldn't have worn them in the feast hall, but I was too tired to tromp back to our cabin and get my slippers and the sabot's don't quite fit over those. I'm hoping to make a nice pair of turn soles that might fit better inside them. I definitely need to do some carving/sanding on the inside to make them less uncomfortable. I doubt my feet will ever declare wooden shoes comfortable. It was fun clomping around on the wooden floors serving feast, though. Everyone agrees that the Dutch would never make very good stealth ninjas.

Winnifred wore her new red kirtle (still looking for that picture). Looked lovely. I was outbid in the silent auction on a nice coif for her, but I did manage to get a good look at it and will be making her one similar. She had a small coif that looks "blackworkish" that her godmother, Dona Elaine, made for her when she was a tiny baby. It still fits (sort of) although it does need to be desperately re-bound on the edges. The girls wore the coif for so many years. I was surprised the bias tape wore out before the fabric.

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Greet said...

So you 'sabotaged' feast, huh? That's the origin of the word = 'tread noisily and clumsily' NOT 'toss a wooden shoe into early mechanized looms'.

Nice pics - looking forward to Winnifred's kirtle. Did apron research today, and found some great new sites.