Sunday, October 28, 2007


This weekend was Gatalop. Gatalop is an annual event hosted by the Barony of Osprey at Fort Gaines, Alabama. Ft. Gaines was built in the 1820's as part of the much needed coastal defense system. Despite the many hurricanes and other hardships this fort has seen it still remains one of the best preserved pre-Civil War forts in the US. Each year in October, the Fort allows the SCA to use the facility to host Gatalop. This is the closest that most SCAdians can get to having a real castle battle and people have been known to come from all over the world (truly, the furthest recieved pre-reserve came from the Katar this year!) to play castle battle.

Some of the other highlights of the event was getting to sit with Viscountess Marion and learning all kinds of things about research of costuming, fiber, and sewing techniques. Much of it was repeat, but it is nice to hear again, especially to make yourself go,"Oh yea,I knew that. duh." All the scrolls handed out were original and made by members of Phoenix Glade. Yay Phoenix Glade. And I got to do court as Master Alexander was not in attendance. Elaine, you will be proud that I didn't screw up and say, "The Stellar kingdom of An Tir." I think the pole ax bearers would have beheaded me on the spot!!

Aside from it being as windy as can be, it was a pleasant day (not too hot, not too cold) and it was enjoyable having conversations with the Queen as well as other people. Very relaxed and laid back. I'll post pictures when I can find some. (Once again the camera with new batteries was left at home!)

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