Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cuhelyn's Pelican Scroll

This is the scroll that I finished and delivered to the King and Queen for Cuhelyn's Pelican elevation. I believe I have 32 hours in this scroll including layout and prewriting the hand. The words were composed by Cuhelyn's Peer, Master Hywel ap Iauen and is absolutely beautiful! I wish more Peers would take the time to compose the words on their student's scrolls when they are elevated. This is based after the Aberdeen Bestiary's entry for Pelican. However, I moved the right hand panel to the center and left to two outer panels blank. There is just something about including Pelicans trying to kill their young (and each other) that sits uneasy with me :) The King agreed that maybe it isn't the image we want to portray to the Peerage.

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