Sunday, April 6, 2008

Middle Eastern coming along!

Well, I have 2 of my pieces of Middle Eastern garb cut out and sewn. I made the Pirihan out of some lightweight white cotton gauze from this pattern. Although I think it is bigger than it should be. it is comfortable, though, and I know, now, where I can decrease it in various areas to make it fit better. I also managed to get the Salwar cut out and sewn last night. I used this pattern to make it and in actuality, despite what I told Greet, the 47" measurement was just perfect. However, I'm thinking that gores are set just a bit too low for me as they seem to hang at my knees and they really do feel too wide, even sitting cross-legged on the ground (not that I'm going to be doing that much as my poor old body just doesn't sit well on the ground for much longer than about 10 minutes). So the next ones I'll make a big narrower with smaller gores at the inseam. 'Twill do fine for sitting in a chair, dancing and my other activities.

I'll try to get some pictures posted of them later today when I get some batteries for the camera. And speaking of not sitting on the ground well, I've been looking at a few portable stools to take to events rather than the Silly Tailgate Chairs we have been hauling around. I'm particularly fond of the Lund Viking Stool

As it is A) Viking B) something to sit my butt on and C) small enough that it can be carried without having to break it down. However, I'm also partial to a bit more leg room so that I'm not as close to the ground and have been looking at this stool:

This is easily made from 1 6"x10"x8' length of lumber and folds flat. The problem I see with this (for me at least) is keeping up with all the dang pegs. I can easily see them being used by A Certain Unnamed Child as building blocks for some Rube Goldberg machine. There are pros and cons to both. The pros for the first are that it is small, portable, Viking and can be easily made with much less wood and the legs can even be made from Miscellaneous Turned Legs found at most hardware stores. The cons is that it isn't portable and it is a bit lower to the ground than what I really want. The pros for the second are that it would be very inexpensive to make, it could be accented, carved or spiffied up at some point later on and that it is taller than the Viking stool, meaning I wouldn't have to get up and walk around as much to save my aching hips. The con is that it isn't my period and the aforementioned pegs into toy problem.

I'll have to give some thought to this. It would be nice if I could have them by May Crown (hint hint to the person who complains I don't update my blog enough.)

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