Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More Scrolls

I finally got the scrolls I wanted uploaded onto the computer. These were all sent to Meridies Parchment Pursuivant (the person who is in charge of getting scrolls to TRM's for their use). Parchment is going to get someone to do the calligraphy on them as needed. Hopefully I will be doing my own calligraphy when I get a good consistant hand going.

This lovely little storky S is from the Lindisfarne Gospels. I really don't enjoy doing knotwork. I love knotwork and am constantly drawn to it, but I don't enjoy doing it. All those twists and turns and squigglies and trying to keep track of where they are all going can be mind boggling! But alas, I fall for them everytime I find a new one. I think the part I enjoy the best is the rubrication (those little red dots around the letter.)

I loved this U the first time I saw it! I loved how it was arranged and the little men inside it. I haven't decided if they are drinking a toast or paying off a bet! I like doing medieval people. This was a fun piece to do!

The above is another piece from Lindisfarne. If you look closely you can see where I got lost in the knotwork!

This A was mostly free-hand. I couldn't see lightboxing something so simple. I used an 01 pen to do the "doodling."

This is another freehand scroll. I wasn't too keen on the goldwork on the bar, but others said it looked nice, so I let it be. I included the lily in the center of the floral work so that it could be used for Order of the Argent Lily.

I love this rose. I left this as a sort of generic letter. It could be a T, C, or G. This was a fun one.

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