Monday, April 16, 2007


I've recently been wrangled into making original scrolls for Meridies. I'm rather enjoying it. And being the overachiever that I am, it is leading me to think of long-term projects like doing a period missal. I may be out of my mind :) Here is some of my work that I've done.

This one to the left was never awarded. Seems as though there were only two fighters for this tournament (held on Friday night) and they decided they would prefer to sit around and chat than armor up and bang on each other. I found this in a 13th century Islamic text. I am going to do some more research on this period of Islamic texts. From a few pages that I have read, it seems as though Islamic laws limited decorations to geometric and floral designs. So when I saw an actual face, it made me curious. I'll be sure to post back if I do find something. I do know that this is very much in style with many French manuscripts.

This one to the right is a Dutch rendition. Not my best. I am still trying to conquer the scroll-work. I think it is getting better, but it still isn't there. Hoepfully later today I will be able to get up some of my most recent works! The one below is one of the first in which I really concentrated on the whitework. This is an area where I feel I am getting better each time. I've been doing lots of "whitework doodling" and reading articles on whitework and diapering. It's a fun little touch that adds so much to a scroll!

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