Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And even more scrolls

Just a few more.

14th Century French design.

Another 14th century French design.

English. Dontcha know :)

This is 15th Century Dutch. I loved that it had the word Be already on it. I also love the huge strawberries in comparison with the itty bitty pineapples. What a hoot. Proportion meant nothing in medieval art!

More French. I just love this style (so why am I a 10th century Viking?)


Home Away from Home. said...

I saw your blog link from an e-group. I just wanted to say how beautiful your scroll work is. :)
Akiko Catherine O'Brien

Home Away from Home. said...

p.s. I have two blogs. One is dedicate to the scribal stuff. The other home away from home is adventures in being a home owner. LOL

Michelle said...

Thanks for looking and commenting. i'm heading over to your blogs right now. We are having the adventures of home ownership as well, even though we would like to have the adventures of home sellingship. :)