Monday, August 27, 2007

Daggers and Hemlock Feast Thank you

Since I have no idea where to even begin with talking about how well the feast went I thought I would just copy my thank you notes here. I'll probably ramble on later about what I thought went really well and where I can improve. Hopefully I'll get some pictures to share soon.

Gracias, merci beaucoup, basimta, dekuji, Tak, dank u, mamoon, paljon kiitoksia, danksche, go raibh maith agaibh, arigato gozaimashita, dziekuje, in other words, THANK YOU!!!

I can't ever thank you all enough for allowing me the opportunity to come and work the kitchen for Daggers and Hemlock! It was a blast and there are a LOT of people that I need to thank. Despite a few limitations that we had (an itty bitty refrigerator, cooling issues, a small tea maker, and not nearly enough platters and bowls) the feast went off without a hitch! YOU helped make that possible!

First to the servers: Lord Gunnar, Lord Antonio, Lady Isabella, Lady Gefn, Lady Jacqueline, Lord Lorchan, Lady Erinmach, and the dear lady whose name I did not get, but who was so invaluable in helping get feast to table (if someone knows who this lady is please let me know!). Thank you also to His Lordship Jose Leodefridz for being my hall steward, even though you don't know how to count!

To my drink servers: Tristan, Yazmin, Katie (Rolando, is that your daughter's name?), Keon, and Leil. Boys, I'm sorry you got stuck with the unsweetened tea again. Thank you so much for being champs, not complaining and doing your job as best you could despite not doing what you wanted. I got high praises from many people for all of your kind, courteous and efficient service during the feast. It makes my heart so glad when the youth of our kingdom work so willingly. You are an inspiration to youth (and adults) everywhere!

On that note, a special thank you to Freya, Theodoric's daughter, for coming to the kitchen to beg to assist during the feast. Thank you so much for offering your assistance and being so patient in waiting for the fourth course.

To all those that assisted in setting up the hall for feast, thank you thank you thank you! You did a great job and it looked splendid! I have no idea who did it, I just know it was done and done beautifully!

To Sulva Ottarsdottir for being such a willing food taster and for dying to gracefully! You were adorable and brought wonderful humor to the theme of the event!

To Margareta Geijsbert called Greet, thank you for the wonderful inspiration to create the gorgeous stained glass window designs and orchestrating that whole project. They are truly awe-inspiring and absolutely GORGEOUS! They take my breath away every time I see them! They added so much to the ambiance of the feast. There were many many hands that went into their creation. Thank you all for helping see Greet's vision through!

To those that popped into the kitchen at various times during the day to lend a hand, cut some veggies, figure out how to make tea, wash some dishes, relay a message, make me take a drink and eat something, and just pass by with a smile and a wave and a "It smells good." Thank you!

Thank you to Lady Alicia de Nice who helped to form the hedgehogs and organized all the helpers for that. Thank you also for taking over the refreshment table for the day. You did it so well and I know it was truly appreciated by SO many people given the heat and the early problem with the air conditioner. People complimented us on providing that table and you did it so beautifully! I'm not sure how many times you were in and out of the kitchen with pitchers for refilling, buckets of ice to go out and all the other little things that you did. Thank you also for lending your voice to entertain during the feast. I wish I could have been in there to hear you, but I am told it was lovely and you assisted in allowing me extra time to create platters!

To Lord Saxa and Her Ladyship Lavena for making breakfast and cleaning up afterwards. Thank you both for all that you did in coming through periodically to see if I was doing ok and washing a pan or two or adjusting fans and creating open spaces for us to work. Breakfast was a huge hit and I appreciate you taking charge of that so that I could organize my day and for my class.

To Lord Refr, thank you for making me stay in the kitchen during the day and for kicking me out after the feast. Your team of fighter dishwashers were amazing and you whipped that kitchen into shape in no time flat! Please let me know who all was in there scrubbing away so I didn't have to!

To Lady Lyonet for entertaining Keon and Sulva so I didn't have to worry about them through the day. Lady you were amazing with all you did yesterday! Thank you thank you thank you!

To the crew of the Belladonna thank you for all your assistance, for loaning me much needed things for the kitchen, and for setting up lunch. I hope things went well with that. The burgers and cobbler and corn were delicious and satisfying for this busy cook! Your ship is gorgeous!

To Angel, who truly is an angel! You were amazing getting trays set up, washing TONS of dishes, arranging food, cutting, chopping, peeling, and reminding me to breathe! You can come in my kitchen anytime!

To Lord Mychael, who came from to our event from a place afar and worked all day in the kitchen. I can't wait until I can return the favor. I truly enjoyed your presence and your skills. You make some awesome bread, too and you made the atmosphere light and airy even when the heat was thick and exhausting. Thank you also for saving my life from the mean, horrid and gigantic beast.

To His Lordship Cato, I thank you SO much for all your encouragement through this whole process. For putting up with my panic attacks, shopping ventures, storing of an entire kitchen in our music room, my obsessive compulsive list making, and rantings when things weren't quite going right. Your support for my "small" projects is immeasurable! Thank you for checking on me during the day and for packing the car after the feast. Thank you for bringing me a taste of Lord Gunnar's mead and for calming my nerves.

Thank you to Gefroi and Lady Gabrielle for allowing me this wonderful opportunity. I love working in the kitchen and appreciate the trust you had in me to be able to pull this off.

To my dear daughter Emily (who still hasn't settled on a name, but it doesn't make her any less my daughter) THANK YOU!!! I can't even begin to know where to start. You helped with the shopping, the packing, the loading and unloading, the keeping me awake while driving to and from the site on Friday. You peeled, sliced, stirred, washed, chopped, mixed, weighed, minced, and rolled all that feathery fillo all without complaining, even though there was a lot to complain about. You were on your feet all day and kept me on task always asking what you could do next. You were truly my assistant cook and your canisiones were well received (for those that may not know Emily made all the canisiones!) I'm glad you have found your place in this Knowne World!

And lastly to all those that ate feast. To those who have been in the SCA for decades to those who were at their first feast, thank you for coming and eating and enjoying this feast. If it wasn't for you eating, there would be no reason to cook! Thank you for giving me a reason to cook!

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. There were a lot of hands that went into making this feast happen and know that I appreciate all that you did to make this little event and feast a reality!

To Phoenix Glade! Vivat!

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