Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have Arms!

Heraldic ones that is! But my name was returned as being a masculine name. Never fear, I will not give up on registering Melbrigda as my name. I just can't be Leifsdottir anymore (Doesn't anyone in these current middle ages understand transgender issues? LOL!) I'm thinking of just being something like Melbrigda Borgby or i granby or stillingr (which means "chap with the stylus" LOL!) I've just used Melbrigda far too long and everyone knows me as Mel, so I'm willing to drop Leifsdottir.

These are my arms. I have yet to read the full LOAR so I don't know if Cato's arms passed or not. But you can be sure to read it here as soon as I know.

1 comment:

Greet said...

Hurrah! So 'Leifsdottir' is incorrect construction because it's a father's name? - should be 'Olgasdottir'?

I don't have an opinion about your other options...yet. How did you come up with them?