Thursday, August 23, 2007


Tomorrow is the day that I get to run around like a headless chicken (as if I'm not today with the home inspection at 4:00) That's right. The same week as our
Big Event I have a home inspection for a refi!! Half my music room is filled with non-perishables, cooking and serving "things" and big rubbermaid totes filled with more cooking and serving "things." (Oh for the inspector to be a SCAdian!) I've been so busy getting the house ready that there are still things I have to do for the event. I finally got all the scrolls done yesterday when I took a 10 minute break. The feast menu sheets are nearly done (need another proof-reading and printing). And if life wasn't stressful enough we sold out and upped the feast from 50 to 75! (Which if I recall is the number I originally proposed.) So now I'm having to refigure all the ingredients to accomodate these extra people. It isn't too bad because some of the ingredients I have excess of anyway (you can't buy half a bag of flour or a quarter of a roast), but other things I'm a bit stumped on. It will all work in the end. I'm calm.

Yeah right.

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