Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Last name

I've put up a poll for my new last name. As I said, I'm not giving up Melbrigda. Been her for too long (plus I think that Lavena will kill me now that she can actually pronounce it!) The choices I'm looking at are "i skolhamri" (there are some missing accents in most of these names) meaning "of Skolum," "i granby" meaning "of Granbyr," Borgby meaning "from Borgby" or Englandsfari which means "traveller to England." I'm leaning towards either Granby (since it is a well known Viking ruins in Sweden or Englandsfari which lends itself to why I can do scribal arts in English styles :) Leave me a comment as to why you picked the one you did.


Lainie said...

I kinda like Borgby though... then you can get to the business of assimilating everyone!

The arms are gorgeous! Any thought of something about marguerites in your name?

Cato said...

I like Englandsfari as it shows your travels around England.